Wendy Williams

"I want my Work to be a reflection of my life and how I choose to live it... Calm, Peaceful, and surrounded by Nature. I certainly have not arrived at the Holy Grail of Glass yet, but I work hard, have fun and laugh often. I want to enjoy every bit of the journey!!"

Living on an island, she created what most inspired her in her environment -- Sea Life. She is now turning her focus to two different areas, the Human Form and Paperweights. Both allow her unlimited possibilities and creative freedom.

Her process is known as Lampworking or Flameworking. It involves heating borosilicate glass rods in the flame of a high temperature torch and shaping each piece by hand, manipulating the glass in its molten state. Her tools are glass, torch, commercial tweezers, graphite paddle and kiln.

Wendy started using glass as a medium living in Hawaii in the early '90s. She walked into a cute glass shop in Lahaina and fell in love with the sound of the torch whistling loudly in the background and the sparkling glass sculptures lining the koa wood walls. She worked at the gallery/studio for many years before opening her own hot shop, and later a Fine Art Gallery. She has sold her work in many U.S. cities, traveled to juried art shows, taught classes, and been published in glass magazines.

Art Glass Ornament

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