Lauren Blais

"I take unique, textured materials such as leather and fur and combine them with common shapes found in antique wallpapers to create modern jewelry that echoes the Victorian Era. "

Jewelry as wearable art has always been important to Lauren Blais because it plays with the personal relationship to the body and it has created a nostalgic connection between people throughout history. Blais creates handcrafted jewelry inspired by the Victorian Era with a modern and edgy twist. Her pieces are dark, deft, and delicate constructions.

Blais's jewelry is predominately created using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as lost wax casting, piercing, forming, fabricating, and enameling. The materials she uses bridge the gap between old and new. Her pieces are primarily constructed from silver etched with antique wallpaper patterns and accented with gemstones, raw minerals, fur, exotic leathers, and gold.

Lauren Blais earned her B.F.A. with distinction from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a concentration in small metals. She has had the opportunity to work under prestigious metalsmiths including Boris Bally, Dan Jocz, Heather White, Deb Todd-Wheeler, and Barbara Seidenath.

Stingray Leather and Scale Jewelry
Silver & Leather Jewelry

$ 310 - $ 590
Acorn Earrings
Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 300
Kyanite Earrings
Gold, Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 580
Spire Earrings
Silver or Bronze Earrings

$ 140 - $ 180
Bronze Spire Necklace
Silver & Bronze Necklace

$ 335
Linkage Bangles
Silver Bracelet

$ 210
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
"Best of Boston", Boston, MA, USA, Improper Bostonian, 2011
RawAwards, Boston, MA, USA, Estate Boston, 2012
Paradise City, Northampton, MA, USA, Northampton, 2012-current
Paradise City, Northampton, MA, USA, Northampton, 2012-current
CraftBoston, Boston, MA, USA, Seaport, 2012-current
Buyers Market of American Craft, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Philadelphia, 2013
Mobilia Gallery, Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA, USA, 2008-current