Jeremy Sinkus

H.O.T.S. Glass Studio

"To find a gem you have to dig; to see a fish you have to submerse."

When Jeremy Sinkus started flameworking glass, he found a medium that spoke both water and stone—a deep abyss full of possibilities to explore. For Sinkus, glass is the perfect medium to create sea life and minerals, two of his passions in the natural world.

Flameworking, kiln casting, and cold working—Sinkus uses a variety of techniques to create his unique work. Shaping glass in two different states, both hot and cold, brings out two different aesthetics for the artist. When glass is hot and molten, its fluidity, transparency, and color brings out the ocean in him—he explores the flow of the sea as well as the fishes and invertebrates that call it home. When glass is cool, it brings out his geological connection, expressing structure like stones and transparency like gems.

Jeremy Sinkus first studied lampworking in 2003 with Sally Prasch at the Worcester Center For Crafts. He has also studied privately with glass artists Milon Townsend and Emilio Santini. The many years and thousands of hours of studio time spent with glass have been the foundation of his experience and growth as an artist. Sinkus lives and works in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

Sea Turtle
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 200
Crystal Sun
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 2,400
Ancient Oceans
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 2,400
Heavy Meal
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 400
Humpback Whale
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 400
Squid Light
Art Glass Pendant Lamp

$ 950
$ 807.50
Inner Reef Turtle
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 300
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Subterranea , The Glass Station Gallery, Wakefield Ri, 2019
PIVOT, Imagine Glas Museum, St Petersburg, FL, 2019
Glass Aquatic, Sandwich Glass Museum, Sandwich, Massachusetts, 2009