Marceil DeLacy

"By cultivating a symbiosis of art and nature in each sculpture, I strive to bring a touch of the forest into a home environment."

Marceil DeLacy approaches her work as a partnership between artist and wood, each responding to the other in the creative process. This partnership sometimes yields surprising results, which the artist feels is part of the fun in working with wood. As a Seattle native, she has a lifelong affinity for trees and a love of nature that inspire most of her sculpted subjects.

The hallmark of DeLacy's technique is what she calls "listening to the forest." She carves free form, allowing her work to evolve as she interacts with the wood. Each of her sculptures is unique, always honoring the natural color and characteristics of the wood. Currently working in a shop with furniture makers, she takes advantage of power saws and sanders in addition to her hand tools, which are her mainstay.

As a self-taught artist, DeLacy learned her craft from the wood itself, letting it guide her in how to work with it rather than against it, how to read the grain, and which tools work best. With the advent of Internet, she has picked up helpful tips from videos. Regularly challenging herself with new projects provides an ongoing education.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Emerging Artists Juried Show, Kirkland, WA, ryan james fine arts gallery, 2014
Spotlight Show, Seattle, WA, USA, NW Woodworkers Gallery, 2014