"Making beautiful, functional pieces that last is our passion at CYDWOQ. Rafi is constantly at his drafting table, always in search of his next great design to delight the most discerning customer—you!"

CYDWOQ founder Rafi Balouzian comes from a long line of master shoemakers. The company's aesthetic is a fusion of Rafi's diverse international experience. His Armenian heritage, extensive travel throughout Europe, and his education and life in America all find expression in the lines, textures, and materials of CYDWOQ shoes.

All CYDWOQ shoes are designed from the sole up. Only the finest vegetable-tanned leathers and custom-made components are used, while designs employ the fewest number of leather pieces possible to minimize stitching while improving comfort, quality, and durability. Besides being comfortable and objects of exquisite design, CYDWOQ shoes last. They actually get better with time as the leather ages and molds to the unique shape of the owner's foot.

All CYDWOQ shoes are crafted by hand in a small factory in Burbank, California. From the very beginning, Rafi had no interest in outsourcing manufacturing operations to China or other sources of inexpensive labor. Instead, he employs dozens of skilled artisans passionate about their work and committed to the common purpose of producing high-quality, long-lasting shoes of distinctive design.

Simone Flat
Leather Shoe

$ 348
$ 243.60