Janice Sugg

"I build an image in my mind before I put the paint on the canvas. Art is our memory of love, painting allows me to show you what I have seen, what I have loved, what I am passionate about. My newer work pieces together the fragmentary; the broken; the partially concealed; a delicate improvisation; contrasting and blending modern urban life and landscape. "

Janice Sugg is a full- time career level artist whose work hangs in public and private collections both nationally and internationally. A Colorado artist at heart, Janice comes from a place of big land and broad expanses where she can easily pinpoint the horizon and use that as a grounding mechanism for her life and her art; exploring the landscape and studying its symbolism.

Her method interleaves textures, blending color with subjective atmosphere. She paints using unpredictable palettes. The resulting layers are successively wiped and refined revealing a composite of underlying design, braided paint, unfolding and enfolding the values within her palette. Color has become a distinctive attribute of her work.

Janice Sugg is primarily self taught, with special instruction from the Loveland Academy. Her distinctive style has progressed into large format contemporary pieces primarily based in nature and the natural world. She invites the viewer on a journey that starts by painting a scene from a memory, with the hope of evoking an emotion for the viewer, something that connects us to one another.

River Breeze
Oil Painting

$ 1,050
French Barn
Oil Painting

$ 1,800
Oil Painting

$ 920
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Best Of Show, Art Exhibit, Harvard, IL, Starline, Gallery, 2014
Honorable Mention, Art Exhibit, Harvard, IL, The Starline Gallery, 2014
Special Recognition, Light, Space, Time, International Exhibit, Abstract Exhibition, On-Line, 2014