Megan Auman

"I am constantly amazed by all the variation I can create in my work from just one shape. By altering the metal, size, thickness, and linking method of my signature leaf shape, I'm able to create a seemingly endless number of designs and ideas."

Megan Auman designs jewelry that is simultaneously bold and easy to wear. Though trained as a metalsmith, Auman draws endless inspiration from textiles and fashion, seeking to recreate the ease and fluidity of fiber and textiles in metal.

Megan Auman works predominantly in steel, forming each element and link by hand from wire, then torch welding each joint. Other welded metals, including silver and bronze, are sometimes used to add variety and contrast to her designs.

Megan Auman received a BFA in metals from Syracuse University and an MFA in metals and jewelry from Kent State University. While studying at Kent, Auman developed a love for working with steel and torch welding, which led to the development of her current line.

Eva Earrings
Silver & Steel Earrings

$ 95
Rachel Earrings
Silver & Steel Earrings

$ 85 - $ 95
Modular Necklace No. 5
Silver Necklace

$ 160 - $ 330
Ayanna Necklace
Silver & Steel Necklace

$ 220
Susan Earrings
Silver & Steel Earrings

$ 110
Alice Necklace
Silver, Bronze & Steel Necklace

$ 195 - $ 240
Nellie Earrings
Silver & Steel Earrings

$ 70
Kathrine Earrings
Silver Earrings

$ 130
Maya Necklace
Silver & Steel Necklace

$ 480