Lauren Passenti

Lauren Passenti Jewelry

"Every hammer mark in my jewelry is a layer of physical expression and energy. As a metalsmith, I practice the fundamentals of my craft and then I take risks, working in a loose and expressionistic style."

Metal is persistent, strong, and determined. It is also malleable, and can be hammered, formed, and melted out of its original state. Lauren Passenti's affinity for metal is what draws her to the work bench. Her jewelry is alive with intention; it embodies an elegant balance between the raw and unearthed and the fluid and refined.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade by Passenti in her studio. Every jump ring and clasp is unique. She starts her process with silver or brass wire in varying thicknesses. She then hand hammers the metal on her 19th-century railroad anvil. She switches back and forth between light hammer marks and heavy hammer blows to create rich textures and details.

In 2010, Lauren Passenti earned a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in metalsmithing jewelry design. She continues to take intensive courses at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, where she studies the craft of blacksmithing. Passenti participates in numerous craft shows throughout the East Coast.

Patchwork Band
Silver Ring, Size 11.5

$ 310