Thomas Harris

"I love beginning with a functional shape, then altering and decorating it to the point of questioning its functionality. "

Ceramic artist Thomas Harris works with traditional functional shapes, such as bowls, cups, and vases, and alters them to create unique sculptural forms. He focuses on contrasts in shape, color, and texture: circular/angular, bright/subdued, glossy/matte, rough/smooth.

Harris throws functional shapes on the wheel, then cuts and alters them by adding, folding, and pushing the clay to create functional and sculptural forms. He uses a variety of techniques to decorate the surface, including masking, water abrasion, and layering underglazes that are then sanded.

Harris earned a BFA in ceramics from Northern Arizona University, then went on to receive a master?s degree from the University of Arizona. He studied ceramics at Indiana University, working with Chris Boger, Malcom Mobutu Smith, Tim Mather, Amy Noorgard, and Matt Repsher. He currently has a ceramics studio in Bloomington, IN.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Convention Center, 2015
Brookside Art Annual, Kansas City, MO, Brookside, 2014
Form and Function: Fifth Annual National Cup Show, Panama City, Amelia Center Gallery, 2012
Reflection National Ceramics Biannual, Terre Haute, IN, Swope Art Museum- Halcyon Art Gallery, 2012
Award of Excellence: Laumeier Sculpture Park Annual- , St Louis, MO, Laumeier Sculpture Park, 2014
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore MD, Baltimore Pavilion, 2016