Cindy Grisdela

"I create my abstract art quilts improvisationally, without a preconceived pattern, a little bit like jazz music. "

Fiber artist Cindy Grisdela is fascinated with color, abstract line, and texture. From her lakefront studio, she draws inspiration for her contemporary wall quilts from nature outside her window. Pebbles on the path or currents in water might become part of the texture she stitches into each piece. Color combinations in bird feathers might slip into the palette she uses to begin her next design.

The color is the first step. Putting colors together intuitively, Grisdela uses fabric the way a painter might use paint. The texture is the second step. The stitching lines provide contrast and dimension to the piece, integrating the elements into a cohesive whole. Grisdela stitches the texture freehand on the sewing machine, using the needle and thread like a pencil or a brush.

Cindy Grisdela has a BA in fine art from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. She is self-taught as a fiber artist, with lots of experimentation along the journey from making traditional utilitarian pieces to creating contemporary fiber art for the wall. She shows and sells her work at fine art and fine craft shows all over the country, and has been published in numerous publications.

Favorite Blue Jeans
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 350
Autumn Maze
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 370
Lime Medley
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 1,600
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 560
Butterfly Wings
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 7,560
Jewel Box
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 1,600
Beach Glass
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 1,500
New Beginnings
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 2,650
Journey Home
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 3,300
Sunset Hills
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 600
Spice of Life
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 4,050
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Baltimore Craft Show, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Convention Center, 2013-2016
Atlanta Craft Show, Atlanta, GA, Cobb Galleria, 2014-2016
Palm Beach Fine Craft Show, Palm Beach, FL, Palm Beach Convention Center, 2015-16
Washington Craft Show, Washington, DC, Washington Convention Center, 2014
Downtown Art Festival, Gainesville, FL, Gainesville, FL, 2015 Best of Show
Art in Embassies, Dili, Indonesia, United States Embassy, 2015-17