"Fenini is for women who enjoy life, fun, art, and beauty. "

Fenini is about style and comfort. Fenini's silhouettes are simple and clean, with design details that make each piece unique and interesting, suitable for work or play. All pieces are proudly made in the United States with high quality standards.

Fenini was established in 1993 by two sisters, Fei and Sandra Yang. Fei enjoyed drawing ever since she could hold a pen, and she graduated from Otis Parsons School of Design in 1991. Fenini is the realization of Fei's childhood dream. Sandra graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. Her detail-oriented training has contributed to Fenini's success.


Whitney Tunic
Linen Tunic

$ 108 - $ 118
$ 86.40 - $ 94.40
Linen Palazzo Pant
Linen Pant

$ 118 - $ 128
Bee Jacket
Knit Jacket

$ 154 - $ 164
$ 38.50 - $ 41
Tulip Vest by Fenini (Knit Vest)
Tulip Vest
Knit Vest