Lisa Bayne

"With a lifetime of experience under my belt, I know what I am looking for in clothes at this stage in my life. I believe that clothes have to feel great on our bodies and make us feel like a million bucks. Just because some of us have lost our waistlines does not mean we have lost our sense of style."

Lisa Bayne, CEO of Artful Home, was originally trained as a textile artist and fashion designer. She spent the first half of her career as a designer for many large clothing companies. Today, Bayne is going back to her roots, designing and collaborating with other designers to create effortless, artfully expressive clothing. The thread that runs through everything she designs is the balance between great style and comfort.



Elena Dress
Woven Dress

$ 178
Wave Dress
Knit Dress

$ 168
$ 134.40
Desert Top
Linen Top

$ 168
$ 134.40
Avalon Cardi
Knit Sweater

$ 148
Bonaire Top
Knit Top

$ 148
$ 118.40
Brighton Top
Knit Top

$ 98
$ 78.40
Asher Vest
Woven Vest

$ 168
$ 75.60
Windswept Topper
Knit Top

$ 128
$ 102.40
Elemental Tee
Knit Top

$ 98
$ 58.80
Cayman Pant
Knit Pant

$ 168
$ 117.60
Transit Pant
Woven Pant

$ 198
$ 118.80