Ian Buchbinder

Coywolf Studio

"I strive to create unique and beautiful things that are as much of a joy to use as they are to make."

Ian Buchbinder seeks to create lighthearted, joyful ceramics that are sturdy enough to be a part of your daily routine. He finds endless fascination in process and repetition and enjoys discovering subtle ways to refine his craft. The "Astronaut Animal" series is part of his current mission to find a meeting place between his illustrations and his pottery.

Each of Buchbinder's pieces is handmade either on the potter's wheel or from clay slabs. Once the pieces are fired, he paints designs onto each one by hand, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. In avoiding stencils and stamps, the artist gives his designs room to grow organically while staying true to the overall theme.

Ian Buchbinder received his BFA in ceramics from Rhode Island School of Design in 2011. During his time at RISD, Buchbinder focused heavily on both functional pottery and illustration. After graduating, he worked under Dwo Wen Chen of Three Wheel Studio in Providence, Rhode Island. After three years at Three Wheel Studio, he left to open his own business under the name Coywolf Studio.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Craft Morristown, Morristown, New Jersey, 2018
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore, Maryland, 2018
PVD Artisans Market @ Hope Artiste Village, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 2017
Art Providence Holiday Sale, Providence, Rhode Island, 2017
Wickenden Merchants and Makers Sale, Providence, Rhode Island, 2017