"We make pieces that lift the heart and warm the soul. Fabric and textiles are, after all, an integral part of our lives!"

PilgrimWaters is the collaborative vision of award-winning designers—and husband and wife—Keith Waters and Susy Pilgrim Waters. Inspired by their relationship to shape and form, the artists actively combine their skills to create unique small-batch apparel featuring modern designs rich with visual texture, rhythm, and color.

The Massachusetts-based designers work closely with master weavers, printers, and finishers in India to bring their abstract patterns to life. Inspired by Susy's paintings and artwork, PilgrimWaters' large-scale textile designs are screen printed by hand on luxurious cotton-silk fabrics, which are then sewn into garments with clean, minimal styling.

Care and attention to every detail are fundamental to PilgrimWaters' design decisions. This also results in small production variations that nod to—and celebrate—handmade processes.

Originally from England, Susy and Keith were educated in printed textiles and graphic design in London. They currently live and work in Boston, Massachusetts.

Anya Tunic by PilgrimWaters  (Woven Tunic)
Anya Tunic
Woven Tunic

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