Emil Yanos

Emil Yanos Design

"Through hands-on experimentation, I have found that working with clay provides an excellent opportunity to explore my love of color and texture. The overall feel of my work is organic, inspired of the earth. Elemental forms give my work a primitive yet refined sensibility. My goal is to communicate meaning, extending beyond the visual form to encourage an emotional response from my audience. "

Basic forms are enlivened using texture and color. Yanos uses contrasting textures to add depth and interest. He uses color to heighten or diminish the tactile experience, and to aid in setting the mood of the piece. These elements come together to create pieces that are engaging.

Yanos presses clay into a mold which provides the general form of the piece. Designs are then carved out and texture is added. The piece is then bisque fired. Numerous glaze techniques are used, resulting in multiple layers of color. The interior is glazed to complement the exterior treatment.

The artist's experience with clay has been through self-exploration. He has taken throwing and hand-building classes and workshops to add to his knowledge. Yanos' studio is a community setting where he can utilize the experience of others, whether it be firing techniques or a simple opinion about aesthetics. Everyone in his studio is willing and open to the exchange of ideas.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
California Now: A Juried Exhibition of Clay, Glass and Enamel Art, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California, 2015
America's Clayfest III, Blue Line Arts, Roseville, California, 2015
Southern Migration: Ruby's @ AMOCA, American Museum Of Ceramic Art, Pomona, California, 2015
Shapes and Edges, Frances Young Gallery, Ross, California, 2015
Making the Everyday Unique: Functional Clay and Glass from ACGA, Lafayette Art Gallery, Lafayette, California, 2014