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Spring Rain, Glimmering Forest

Acrylic Painting

Mesmerizing and peaceful, this illuminated painting invites viewers to contemplate subtle shifting patterns of rain in a spring forest. Many layers of translucent acrylic paint are glazed over a textured relief surface painted on Plexiglass over shimmering L.E.D. lights falling like a gentle spring rain through the painted forest.

Rare, momentary flashes of computer code flash like lighting from the L.E.D.lights, a reminder of the embedded processor buried below the surface digitally controlling the custom sequences of rainfall. As time passes, the observer may notice the rainfall accelerating then slowing.

Framed dimensions are 20.5 x 12 x 3.7 inches, with a custom maple frame, five foot round white power cord. Wired and ready to hang. Image dimensions are 17.5 x 9. L.E.D.s use minimal energy.

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