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Surf and Sand Vessels

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Avolie Glass
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The artists' ''Surf and Sand'' Collection reflects the calm of a sandy beach, and the finish of an ancient treasure discovered at the bottom of the sea. Much like a beautiful patina, each piece is different, and truly one of a kind. The technique used to create these hand blown glass vessels, is a proprietary color blend that they invented. The unique patina color is created from blending precious metals together, layer after layer on to the clear glass. It is then heated at 2100 degrees, and as the precious metals burn off, a beautiful reaction occurs - this ethereal blue-green color is unique to their work alone. The color reaction will be slightly different each time, so each piece achieves its own unique qualities, and no two pieces are alike. Height may also vary slightly from measurements shown. The fine silver shown in these pieces will patina over time. If you would like to maintain the shiny silver appearance, use a very mild silver polish on these areas, and rinse thoroughly.

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