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Yellow Spiral Red-Eyed Tree Frog Bowl

Ceramic Bowl

Created by Lisa Scroggins
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This round earthenware bowl is wheel thrown, with a hand-built red eyed tree frog positioned on the rim in a playful pose. The bowl is bisque fired to cone 04- 1945f resulting in a warm white surface for me to work on. 5 layers of colored underglaze is brushed on. There is a spiral pattern painted over the warm yellow interior of the bowl. The coloring of the spiral gradates from a turquoise to deep blue. The exterior of the bowl is underglazed in 5 layers of a deep ultramarine blue and the frog is underglazed in multiple colors with meticulous detail. The artist's name is signed on the bottom. There is a gloss clear glaze over the entire bowl and the artist fires this bowl once again but this time to cone 05 -1888f, for 8 hours, cooling for 24 hours. Each piece is unique. The artist designs her pieces considering them to be sculptural statement pieces but use food safe glazes in the event they are used with food. Can hold cold and warm food. Not for oven, microwave or boiling water. Hand wash is recommended.

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