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Red Eyed Tree Frog Turquoise Vase

Ceramic Vase

Created by Lisa Scroggins
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This earthenware vessel is first wheel thrown, then trimmed, and while in its greenware state, a delightful red eyed tree frog is hand sculpted and posed on the shoulder of the vase in such a way that it feels like it might just leap off. This vase is bisque fired to cone 04 -1945f and through this baking/maturation process results in a warm white surface to which I add dynamic color once it is cooled. To create such bold, saturation in my palette, the artist brushes on 5 layers of deep, rich turquoise underglaze to the surface. The neck and rim are the natural color of the clay. Signed on the bottom and 3 layers of gloss glaze is painted over the underglaze, inside and out. The vase returns once more to the kiln to be fired this time at cone 05-1888f for an 8 hour firing and a 24 hour cooling. This is a beautiful, eye catching piece and looks lovely on its own or holding a bouquet of fresh flowers. Each piece is unique and slight variations in composition, dimensions, and colors may occur.

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