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Burrowing Owl

Linocut Print

Created by Barbara Stikker
This is a reduction linocut. The image was created through the reduction process. In this process, a single linoleum plate is used for the entire image, and is carved (or reduced) in stages to create a multi-colored print. The first color, here a light beige, was printed using the whole plate, with a number of cuts to allow the white paper to show through. The plate was then cut and printed in the next color, a darker beige, to allow the lighter color to show through in the cut areas. With this method, the total area of the block is successively reduced as each new color is added, and the final color printed, here black, is the darkest. A total of six colors were printed. The number of prints in the edition is determined before printing the first color as the image cannot be reprinted. Limited edition of 15.

The image was printed on acid-free paper. The image size is 12 inches by 12 inches.

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